Our kid-friendly dentists provide your family with the gentle, quality dental care you deserve.

Bright, lifelong smiles start with building healthy habits and dental routines early. At Dentist Tree of Fairfield, our kids dentist team is ready and eager to help your child’s smile stay happy and healthy from their first appointment, around their first birthday. With our years of experience, you can count on us to ensure that your family’s smiles are developing right on track and in great health. We use comprehensive X-rays and exams to ensure we never miss a step or detail that could help your little one’s smile.

When things go wrong, like cavities and dental accidents, we’re right there to get everything back in excellent shape. Our children’s emergency dentist keeps any needed treatments—fillings, crowns, root canals, and extractions—comfortable and stress-free, too. With both anesthesia and safe sedation like nitrous oxide, your child’s dental experience will be soothing and painless.

Our children’s family dentistry team does more than just keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy. We know the value of a good dental education, too. From good brushing and flossing to the healthiest foods for teeth, we teach your children how to take excellent care of their pearly whites. We keep things clear and understandable while telling them about their smiles. And don’t worry, Mom and Dad! We don’t forget you either. Our kid dentist staff works with you to ensure your child’s smile stays bright and healthy outside their visits with us.

Your child’s dental future is as bright as their smiles with us. Contact our office at 281.562.7288 to schedule your child’s next appointment with our unmatched children’s pediatric dentistry team.


Correcting your child’s smile will be smooth-sailing with clear aligners!

With children and teens, it’s not always cavities, accidents, and dental emergencies you need to look out for. Sometimes their smiles develop issues on their own. Bad bites—crooked teeth, overcrowding, gaps, overbite, underbite, and crossbite—are one of the most prevalent dental problems ruining our young patients’ smiles. Fortunately, our children’s dentistry and orthodontics team at Dentist Tree of Fairfield can beautifully correct your young one’s smile in no time with Invisalign.

Invisalign lets us skip the bulky brackets, shiny wires, and a rainbow of rubber bands that can be more than embarrassing, especially in those awkward teen years. Clear aligners are hard to spot even with our doctors’ trained eyes, so your kid can rest easy knowing their friends and classmates won’t either. Plus, Invisalign makes the orthodontic process smoother and faster than ever. Your child can enjoy showing off their new and improved smile in as little as 8 months, compared to braces’ average 18 months to 3 years!

Straighter teeth don’t just look better. They’re healthier too. Invisalign treatment with a kid-friendly dentist offers so many amazing benefits for your child:

  • Fewer cavities and dental problems
  • Easier chewing
  • Clearer speech
  • Gives room for adult teeth to erupt
  • Fewer headaches and jaw pain
  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment with the best dentist office for kids in Cypress, give us a call at 281.562.7288 today. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!


Nervous about your child’s first visit? No problem! We make their appointments a breeze.

The best, healthiest smiles all start with an amazing kid’s dentist. Our team knows this from personal experience. Dr. Katy grew up loving her visits to her pediatric dentist as a kid, and that’s turned into a lifelong love for bright smiles and great dentistry! Now as a dedicated children’s dentist herself, she takes pride in sharing the same incredible experience with her young patients. She and the rest of our kid-friendly dentists put their hearts and 110% into providing the best care and attention for your family.

At Dentist Tree, we’re parents ourselves. We understand the importance of ensuring our young patients always feel safe, confident, and comfortable in the dental chair, especially during their first appointment. The first visit can be scary for some children, but we set the tone and expectations of a fun and lively office that they love coming back to. We want your child to look forward to his or her visits to our dental office. And with our gentle, personalized treatment and kid dentist team’s caring and fun personalities, you can count on us to make your family’s time with us a blast!

Whether your child needs a dental cleaning or more serious treatments like fillings or root canals, they never feel a thing in the dental chair thanks to local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. And to make those appointments more enjoyable, we also equip our patient rooms with a range of kid-friendly entertainment options. Each suite has two televisions: one in front and one on the ceiling. They can stream their favorite shows and movies while we take excellent care of their smiles. Plus, after their visits, they can choose fun prizes, like stickers and toys, to celebrate their healthier smiles.


You can rely on our kid-friendly dentists to provide your family with the best dental treatment possible.

At Dentist Tree of Fairfield, your child will always feel safe and relaxed during their visits, thanks to our family and children’s dentistry team. Both Dr. Katy and Dr. Hieu are parents to two children of our own and come from large families with lots of little ones running around. Trust us when we say we have plenty of experience and patience handling children of all ages inside the office and out. We want to make their appointments fun too! Whether your child is shy, outgoing, excited, or nervous, our friendly chair-side manner, funny stories, and stress-free treatments make their time with us special. Plus, lessons about brushing and flossing techniques and healthy nutrition stick better when they’re funny and enjoyable!


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