With our dental office’s flexible dental financing options, you never have to worry about the cost of your next visit.

Tell us if this sounds familiar. A toothache suddenly appears, your tooth chips or becomes loose, your gums start bleeding, or any number of dental emergencies happen. However, you’re more worried about your treatment’s cost than the reason you need it, and you put off seeing your dentist until things are even worse. This is an unfortunately common problem ruining many dental patients’ smiles. Here at Dentist Tree of Fairfield, we want you to feel confident knowing you never have to fear your upcoming visit, and that includes your treatment costs.

We understand that not everyone has dental insurance, and insurance can’t cover everything. However, it’s our firm belief that you should never need to break the bank for amazing dental care. That’s why our Cypress dental office makes financing dental work and staying on-budget easy and stress-free. We are a dentist that takes CareCredit and LendingClub financing, so your dental work is affordable on your terms, no matter the treatment. Even with treatments not covered by dental insurance, like cosmetic dentistry and dental sedation, you can have the financial assistance you need.

Our dentists can happily help you choose the option that’s right for you! If you’re having problems with the application form, we’re more than happy to help and go through it with you. We’re committed to providing our patients with affordable dental care, and we can work with you to make it happen, even on the same day as your treatment. The process is quick, and you can easily cover your dental work by the time you’re headed back to our front office.

Don’t let your financial anxieties keep you from getting the first-rate dental care you deserve. Feel free to contact our Cypress dental office at 281.562.7288 to schedule a financial consultation with our expert dentists today.


With CareCredit Dental, you can relax as your dental care expenses are more affordable than ever.

CareCredit Dental is one of the most popular options for covering dental care, both for patients with and without dental insurance. It’s easy to see why, with over 225,000 CareCredit Dental providers nationwide, including our dentists at Dentist Tree of Fairfield. CareCredit operates like a standard credit card used to make paying for your dental work manageable and more accessible. You can use your CareCredit account for dental emergencies, cosmetics, sedation, cleanings, dental implant financing, and more. Payments are made on your terms, allowing you to meet the minimum monthly amount, the treatment cost at once, or somewhere in-between.

CareCredit Dental is flexible to patients’ needs from as little as $1 up to your credit cap. While you will receive a physical dental care credit card, you don’t need to wait for it to arrive in the mail. You can sign up when you’re already in the dentist’s chair and begin using your new account by the time you reach the front desk after your appointment. However, for your application to be accepted, you should still have relatively good credit. In general, patients with credit scores in the mid 600s and above can be quickly accepted, but scores lower than 600 won’t.

If you’re not sure how to apply for CareCredit Dental, we’ve got you covered. The whole process is speedy and can be completed in our office! All you need is a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. Patients over 18 years old can fill out CareCredit’s simple application on their site, which should only take a few minutes. If you’re over 21, you also apply over the phone via their automated system, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’re still stuck, you can always ask us for help.

Not sure if CareCredit is right for you? You can schedule a financial consultation with our team by contacting our dental office at 281.562.7288 today.


LendingClub’s dental loans help you keep your next dentist appointment on track and within your budget.

We also accept LendingClub dental financing for patients who need more assistance or who might not have been approved for CareCredit. LendingClub uses affordable and flexible dental loans rather than a dental CareCredit card. Despite this change, LendingClub is just as compatible with your dental insurance as CareCredit. And much like CareCredit, patients over the age of 18 can apply online at any time, though our dentists can help you at our office, too. Your account is often set up and authorized in under a minute, so you can say goodbye to pesky long loan queues!

LendingClub’s loans are highly adaptable to your family’s budget, with a wide variety of available payment terms lasting from a few months to several years. Depending on your procedure and individual needs, you can have 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and even up to 60 months to fully cover your dental work. With unrivaled affordability, LendingClub’s versatility makes it especially popular with patients who need major or long-term dental treatments like orthodontics and dental implants.


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