Your smile is in the best hands possible when our dental oral surgery team is on the job!

Dental bone grafting, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and more… Our talented surgical team at Dentist Tree of Fairfield is here to help your smile as quickly as possible. We use our decades of combined experience and knowledge to provide you with outstanding surgical treatments you can always rely on. We take pride in performing first-rate surgical treatments with incredible results that leave your smile healthy for years to come.

Oral surgery might sound intimidating, but thankfully, you never have to worry about your upcoming treatment with an oral surgeon at our dental office. Our dental surgery professionals are here to provide you with expert-level care that you can always rely on. Even if you come in on short notice for a dental emergency, we do everything we can to ensure you have a pain- and stress-free experience. Aside from using potent anesthetic, we also bring in dental sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed in mind and body. You won’t feel a thing while we get your smile back to its beautiful, healthy self.

We have professional, experienced surgeons that make your treatment easier than you thought possible. We meticulously plan and execute every surgery to the utmost perfection, leaving nothing up to chance. We make sure that every patient receives the best results with an amazing experience to match. Do you need to see our incredible oral surgery staff? Give our Cypress dental office a call at 281.562.7288 to book an appointment with us today.


Even in an emergency, you can rely on our surgical team to ensure your tooth removal is stress-free and professional.

Tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures, and our dentists have performed thousands of them. Many can be done via non-surgical methods as long as the tooth is visible above the gums. However, with impacted wisdom teeth and severe dental trauma and broken teeth, surgical extraction is needed. At Dentist Tree of Fairfield, you can trust our caring and gentle emergency oral surgeon to take care of your troublesome tooth quickly and painlessly.

We numb the tooth first so you only feel some slight pressure while we work. Dental sedation is a popular option with emergency wisdom tooth removal. Whether our patients need one or four tricky teeth extracted, they’re guaranteed total comfort and peace of mind throughout their procedure. From there, we can make a small incision in the gums to access the tooth and proceed similarly to a non-surgical extraction.

Our first-rate team ensures your tricky, submerged teeth are treated expertly and quickly. Even the more complex and complicated teeth can be handled in under an hour. If you’re looking for fast, reliable, and professional emergency tooth extraction services, the Dentist Tree of Fairfield team is always ready to help! Give our dental office a call at 281.562.7288 right away if you need immediate treatment.


Trust our caring dentists to restore your missing smile with outstanding dental implants!

After having a tooth removed, you want to find the perfect replacement to restore your smile quickly. Many patients think of tooth replacement as cosmetic dentistry, returning their smile’s natural, whole look. However, missing teeth aren’t just an aesthetic issue; they can ruin your dental health, too. The longer an empty gap is left unfilled, the worse the problem becomes. The underlying jawbone shrinking, remaining teeth moving out of place, and further tooth loss are some of the most common. Dental implants are the only false teeth that not only restores your old smile but keeps it as strong and healthy as before.

Unlike bridges and dentures, implants are surgically embedded directly into the jaw to act as your new tooth’s root. With an expert dentist and oral surgeon, your implants will function exactly as your old tooth did, stopping potential health problems in their tracks. Implants are made of 3 different parts, each of which is installed separately: the titanium implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. While the dental implant procedure takes time, our skilled and gentle surgical team ensures your treatment is smooth and painless from start to finish. Once completed, you can finally have that perfect smile back!

Are you ready to restore your pearly whites with the best replacement teeth around? Reach out to our dentist office in Cypress at 281.562.7288 to book an appointment with us today!


Bone grafting keeps your smile healthier and stronger, even after gum disease and tooth loss.

Missing teeth, gum disease, and smoking habits all cause the same problem for your smile: jawbone loss. As the alveolar bone gradually shrinks, it weakens and causes nearby teeth to become loose or even fall out! Too much bone loss can also prevent you from getting a beautiful dental implant, which needs enough jawbone to securely support it. However, our surgical staff can turn back time to restore your jaw’s old strength and health with a dental bone graft.

This type of oral surgery is particularly common among dental implant patients, with over half needing at least one graft. With our years of experience, we make sure the entire process is quick, easy, and painless for you. Once the new bone is placed, it will fuse with the older tissue and promote new tissue growth until your jaw is just like it used to be. Our dentists also offer connective soft tissue grafts for gum disease patients, which can give their mouth the leg-up it needs to prevent tooth loss in the first place.


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